The Partnership is only as strong as its membership.  Our members are our most vital resource.  A large pool of members provides the business community with ideas, energy and finance.  We invite you to join Panola Partnership as we strive to better Panola County.  If you wish to become a member, please contact us at 662.563.3126 or , or fill out our online Member Application.

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The Panola Partnership, Inc. Schedule of Annual Investment Based On Employment

ClassificationFirst 10 EmployeesNext 25 Employees (Each)Next 25 Employees (Each)Next 50 Employees (Each)Employees Over 100 (Each)
1. Amusement$150$10$5$5$5
2. Apartments$150Plus $3/unit
3. Associate (Fully Retired)$50
4. Associate (Non-Resident)$250
5. Automotive (Dealers)$500$10$10$5$5
6. Automotive (Other)$150$10$10$5$5
7. Banks/Savings & Loans$1,000Plus $50/each million in deposits, not to exceed $2,500
8. Civic Organization/Church$100 flat fee
9. Construction/Engineering$150$5$5$5$5
10. Hospital$1,000 flat fee
11. Individual/Diversified$100
12. Investment/Finance$250$10$10$10$5
13. Insurance/Real Estate$150$5$5$5$5
14. Manufacturing$150$10$5$5$500 max dues
15. Media$500 flat fee
16. Motels/Bed & Breakfast$150Plus $2/unit or room
17. Printers$150$10$5$5$5
18. Professional (each partner)$200$10$5$5$5
19. Restaurants (Franchise)$150$10$5$5$5
20. Restaurants (Other)$150$10$5$5$5
21. Retailers$150$10$5$5$5
22. Service$150$10$5$5$5
23. Shopping Centers $1,000 flat fee
24. Transportation$150$10$5$5$5
25. Utilities$500$10$5$5$2,000 max dues
26. Wholesalers - Distributors$250$10$5$5$500 max dues
27. Nursing Home$300 flat fee